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Five bar traditional gates are always available in stock. We also supply curved head gates in two styles, as well as offering hardwood gates and other more elaborate custom designs to special order. Our Exmoor range offers gates traditional to the Exmoor area of South-west England.

Our gates come in a good range of sizes, with the smallest starting at 3ft (or 0.9m) going up, in 1 ft increments, to the largest size of 12' (3.65m). Larger gateways can easily be catered for by hanging two gates together as a pair. Gate prices include heavy duty galvanised hanging kits and a simple hook catch.

Gate Posts

Available in two sizes, oak four way-weathered square posts are a popular choice to compliment our gates. Also available are treated pine circular posts in three sizes, which are strong enough to hang gates and can also be used as strainers.

Latches and Ironwork

A wide variety of gate latches and ironwork is available. Closing options include hunting latches, auto-lock catches, throwover latches (for pairs of gates) and simple spring catches. Hinges are included with the gates but alternative hanging options are available for a little extra, including hinges to build into a wall and simple bolt-on plates.  

Left: A Hunting Latch, holding a gate closed to a Four Way Weather Post

Fencing Materials

Post and rail fencing is not only practical and robust it is also extremely attractive, particularly in a rural setting. We hold stocks of both square cut and half round rails. Please note that our rails come in 3.6m lengths, rather than the 3.0m lengths that are generally found in France.

For posts, a choice of machined circular posts or square cut one way-weathered posts is available. Both types are pressure treated tanalised pine.

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